Episode 18: The Spark


The Spark!
…or Podcasting in Real Time.

Show Notes:

Recorded on March 4th, Jon & Joey dive into one of the core principals of The Show – Being Genuine. Spontaneity is one of the elements that makes the Jon & Joe Show something we like to do. In the past, we would meet to discuss what we were going to talk about on the show, we’d get into a rhythm and something would SPARK! Then we’d stop when the conversation got good, just to hit the record button only to pretend the juice was still there after the real moment had past. We found this took something away from the show. That’s why we decided to just hit the record button and see what comes of it…the result can be found on this weeks Show.

What’s your take on the show?

Does the show feel genuine and spontaneous?

Book Mentioned: The Millionaire Next Door: The Surprising Secrets of America’s Wealthy, by Thomas J. Stanley




Book Mentioned: Humans, Fire And a Room Full of Socks, by Brad Closson




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